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Websites & mobiles


The mobile website must offer a different visual and technology than a traditional website. This site format must adapt to a specific reading medium and to the expectations of mobile users. A traditional website is generally composed of several pieces of information and many pages. It is consulted from a computer. As for mobile sites, it is consulted on a smartphone or digital tablet.

Graphic & web design


The graphic designer is an outdated term for a communication specialist. Nowadays, it is more commonly referred to as a graphic designer. These specialists have a fairly versatile profile with many areas of expertise such as motion design, multimedia web and publishing. As for the Webdesigner, he/she conceives and produces the design of an Internet site. In addition to mastering the basics of graphic design, this expert respects the constraints of the Web to take care of the graphic design of the web portal.

Digital marketing


Marketing puts companies like in contact with their customers. To contact prospects, this technique exploits all the marketing techniques on the Internet. This strategy is effective because it captures the consumer’s attention on the web, where they spend a lot of time. By focusing on inbound marketing, companies can attract more visitors, convert leads, build customer loyalty and close sales.

Good SEO guarantees good positioning

Good SEO guarantees good positioning

Natural referencing produces long-term performance. When well referenced, the pages of a website benefit from a good positioning on the SERP results. Once well referenced, Google’s crawlers spot the optimisation work after a long indexing process. To beat the competition, it is important to refine the SEO strategy. Good SEO may require a redesign of the site like

The structure of the site, internal URLs, navigation and design are all elements that contribute to the simplification or slowing down of a web portal’s SEO. To have a lasting presence in search engine results, you need to deliver quality content. Choose the right keywords, focusing on unique offers that are relevant to your site’s theme.

Create your website


When you want to develop a website, set up a SEA campaign or create a graphic charter, you need to draw up specifications.


WordPress Mockup

Before designing a WordPress website, you need to gather all the content: photos, texts, videos, maps…

WordPress Mockup

In a few steps

Graphic design

Graphic design

Graphic creation, design and conception combine both image and text. It can be a poster, logotype, flyers, website or banner ad.

SEO referencing

Natural referencing generates sustainable traffic in the long term. Organic referencing allows you to rank without paying money to the search engine.

Strengthen your brand image & develop your business

Boost your visibility

To improve the visibility of a product, service or company, you need a website. To create a website, you can do it yourself using a web editor. If you want to create a professional website, you can hire a web agency to do it. If you want to increase the sale of services or products, you need to know the target audience. Study the expectations of potential customers, their needs and their motivation.

Stand out from your competitors

Nowadays, those who want to succeed in their project do not have to be satisfied with a total investment or be passionate. The key to winning a market is to differentiate yourself. To achieve this, it is essential to use natural referencing. You need to focus on more specific and broader queries by trying to rank on keywords with a good search volume.

Attracting new customers

Successful business development requires more than just a revolutionary concept and a good idea. After a business takeover or start-up, you need to develop your business to ensure that it is profitable. The technique for doing this is to do some business development and then convert prospects into customers.